PlayStation Pulse Explore PlayStation Pulse Elite

The PlayStation Pulse Explore And Pulse Elite Are PlayStation’s New PS5 Headsets


PlayStation announced its first wireless earbuds earlier this year. It has now given those a name and also announced a new over-ear premium headset as well.

The Pulse Explore is PlayStation’s wireless earbuds wirebuds with dual microphones, and AI-enhanced noise rejection capable of filtering out background sounds. It comes with a charging case and also offers lossless audio. The Pulse Explore will release later this year for $199.99 USD (~$310 AUD).

PlayStation also revealed the Pulse Elite headset which is a new over-ear headset for PS5 that offers lossless audio, a retractable boom microphone and AI-enhanced noise rejection capable of filtering background noises out. It also includes a charging hanger. The Pulse Elite will cost $150 USD (~$232 AUD) and don’t seem as feature complete as the InZone H7 which also have active noise cancelling.

Both of these headsets do offer some features that other PlayStation headsets don’t. Firstly, they’re both designed using planar magnetic drivers (Sony says its one of the first companies to bring this technology to market).

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PlayStation Pulse Explore PlayStation Pulse Elite

They both also feature PlayStation Link which is a new wireless technology by PlayStation that offers low latency, lossless audio and easy switching between the PS5 usb adaptor and PlayStation Portal.

You can also buy a standalone PlayStation Link USB adaptor to bring losless and low latency audio to PC and Mac.

You can read more about both headsets HERE and more about PlayStation’s new portable the PlayStation Portal HERE.


The PlayStation Portal is officially PlayStation’s new streaming handheld and will cost $200 (~$320 AUD) #PlayStationPortal #PS5 #PlayStation #PlayStation5 #Gaming #tech

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