PS5 Access Controller

The PS5 Access Controller Pre-Orders Are Now Live In Australia

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UPDATE: The PS5 Access controller is now up for pre-order for $139.95 AUD. You can grab it on Amazon here. 

PlayStation has announced that the PS5 Access Controller will launch on December 6th for $139.95. Pre-orders will begin in Australia on Friday, July 21st at 10am AEST.

A features trailer has also been released showing off how all the new components come together to form PlayStation’s most accessible controller to date.

PlayStation has also confirmed exactly what will be included in the box with a visual breakdown as well.

Access controller for PS5
    • Dimensions (w/h/d): Approx. 141 x 39 x 191 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 322 grams (0.7 lbs.)
(4) expansion ports
  • 3.5mm industry-standard AUX ports for players to connect additional buttons, specialty trigger switches and other compatible accessories
(19) button caps
    • (1) wide flat button cap
      • (covers two button sockets)
    • (2) overhang button caps
      • (benefits players with smaller hands as they are positioned closer to the center)
    • (4) curve button caps
      • (can be pushed if placed along the top or pulled if placed along the bottom of the controller)
    • (8) pillow button caps
  • (4) flat button caps
(3) stick caps
    • (1) ball stick cap
    • (1) standard stick cap
  • (1) dome stick cap
(23) button cap tags
  • Swappable button cap tags for players to easily mark which inputs they map to each button
USB cable
  • 1.5m USB Type-C to Type-C cable (Hi-Speed USB)
Quick start guide and safety guide
  • Instructions for setting up the controller, UI settings and button configurations on PS5
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PS5 Access Controller

On the PS5, you’ll be able to map buttons with up to 30 control profiles, adjust stick settings, toggle commands on/off or disable buttons and pair other Access or DualSense controllers to use them together.