PS5 Slim Both Consoles

PS5 Slim Console Covers Include Both Disc/Digital Covers In The Box


The PS5 Slim console covers released in Australia today and after checking them out in store, we can confirm that five plates are included in the box meaning that it’s just the one SKU for both disc and digital editions.

In the box, you get a bottom quadrant with the disc drive hump as well as one that is completely flat meaning that you can essentially turn any PS5 Digital into a Disc Edition with the same face plates or visa versa if you want to remove the disc drive.



The PS5 Slim console covers just released and they include both disc/digital plates in the box #PS5 #PS5Slim #PlayStation5 #PlayStation #PS5DeepEarth #Tech #Gaming

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We still don’t have a release date for the previously announced matte black PS5 Slim console covers, but hopefully we see them in the next month or so.