The ReMarkable 2 Type Folio Adds A Keyboard To The Digital Note Taker


ReMarkable has today announced the next step of its product offering, which has generally been focused on hand-writing/drawing.

It’s called the Type Folio and it brings in a keyboard that is build into a case/folio that also acts as a stand. The folio connects to the ReMarkable 2 using magnets, so requires no additional charging or updating.

This is in-line with recent software updates for the ReMarkable 2 that have brought in better support for hand-writing to typed text conversion as well as text support in the web apps. The ReMarkable 2 will automatically recognise that you’re using the keyboard and change its UI.

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The ReMarkable 2 Type Folio is $299.99 with discounts for those apart of the Connect program. You can grab it off the official website HERE.