RODE WIreless Me

RODE Wireless Me Microphone Review – Perfect For All Creators

A little mic goes a long way

Once upon a time owning a wireless microphone system was reviewed for the most hardcore video creators, but now that everybody is creating videos in some form, a mobile phone microphone just won’t cut it in most instances, which is why it’s great that the super casual friendly RODE Wireless Me exists.

There’s several reasons why I’d recommend this to any creator, whether you’re shooting green screen TikToks or need something a bit more formal for voxpops, interviews etc.

RODE WIreless Me

The first is that it’s super easy to use. In the box, you get a receiver and a transmitter. Both come with clips so that you can latch onto your device or a piece of clothing. Ideally, you’ll plug the receiver directly into your mobile phone using the included USB-C to lightning cord or USB-C to USB-C cord.


This will instantly be picked up for your phone (I was using an iPhone in this instance) which will automatically switch to using the connected microphone. RODE also has two pieces of software you can use on iPhone that I recommend.

RODE WIreless Me

RODE Central is a way to make sure your microphone is connected and turned on and also change things like gain assist (which I’ll get into shortly), check battery life and dim the lights of both microphones if you choose.

RODE Capture is a full capture app that allows you to not only check your levels, but also record video from either camera on your iPhone (or both at the same time), providing a one-stop-shop for your content creation.

RODE WIreless Me

I was worried that transitioning to a wireless microphone system would be a bit of a headache, but it couldn’t have been more seamless, and immediately make the quality of my audio, so much better, taking the hollowness out of the audio and really adding a good amount of bass, depth and clarity to my voice.

Clipping is an issue with microphones where you talk too loudly or get too close to the microphone causing that awful distortion or crackle you’ve probably heard, but this isn’t the case here due to Gain Assist, a feature that RODE has employed to prevent your levels from going over, even if you hold the microphone right up to your mouth. It’s great for beginners, and means that your audio will almost never be ruined.

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RODE WIreless Me

Another great feature is the fact that you can actually use the receiver as a microphone too, so if you’re wanting to capture audio from yourself behind the camera, and another person far away, you can do just that.

Wind shields are also included for both microphones in case you’re in an outdoor situation where it might be windy, and you’re also able to easily connect an external microphone such as the Lavalier GO or VideoMicro II to the transmitter to get audio from an external source.


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As far as battery life goes, you can expect to get about seven hours from each of the units, and charging them is a little bit painful as you do have to do them separately. Range reaches about 100m as well, so you shouldn’t have too many issues.

With all this in mind, the RODE Wireless ME has been a game-changer in my content creation, and I’d highly recommend you add it to your arsenal, even if you’re the most casual of content creators.

RODE WIreless Me
The RODE Wireless ME is an essential piece of kit in any content creator's toolbox. It's super easy to use, extremely reliable and will enhance your audio tenfold.
Super Easy To Use
Extremely Versatile
A Big Improvement To Phone Audio
Didn't Love
Can Be A Little Tricky Keeping Both Charged