RODEX Is The Company’s New Gaming Range And Here’s The First Two New Microphones

RODE's sexy new microphones!

RODE has announced its new gaming range, called RodeX and alongside the brand reveal, the company has also announced its first two RodeX USB microphones that are both out today.

Alongside the two new microphones, RODE has also revealed its new software called UNIFY which is a virtual mixer that lets you pull in up to four USB microphones and six virtual audio sequences to create different mixes for podcast, streams and such. Each of the new microphones comes with a UNIFY subscription otherwise you can purchase a subscription for your existing RODE or other USB microphone.


The RODEX XDM-50 will cost $259 AUD and is a condenser microphone that has been optimised for streaming and gaming. It has headphone output, level control and a mute button as well as an internal pop shield and a capsule shock mount. It also comes with a desktop tripod and features an integrated swing mount. It features signature red branding (great choice) that differentiates it from the rest of the standard RODE range.



The RODEX XDM-100 will cost $439 AUD and is the premium model. It is a professional dynamic USB microphone that delivers broadcast audio ideal for streaming and gaming. It features an ultra low-noise, high-gain preamp and high-resolution 24-bit/48 Khz analog-digital conversions. It has a dynamic capsule and tight cardioid pattern to ensure great audio quality without picking up external noises such as keyboard clicks. It comes with a pop shield and a shock mount and also provides headphone output, zero-latency audio monitoring and level control and microphone mute functionality on the microphone itself. Just like the the XCM-50, it also features the new RODEX signature red branding.


We’ll have more thoughts on the RODEX line shortly, but what we can say now is that just like all other RODE products, these have a premium feel right from the moment you unbox them, and it’s great to see stand/shock mounts included in the box as well.