Samsung 2023 TV Range

Samsung’s 2023 TV Range Has Something For Every Aussie Home

Great from top to bottom

I had the chance to check out Samsung’s entire 2023 TV range earlier this week, and whilst some more in-depth thoughts are on the way for a few TVs in the range in the near future, I was absolutely blown away by Samsung’s offering this year, in terms of variety and ability to have a different option for every room in the house.


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Samsung dropped its first OLED some time mid-way through last year in the S95B, but the S95C takes things much further this year. It’s truly the OLED TV that I’ve been waiting for. It utilises the One Connect box meaning that it provides a flat finish for wall mounting, and doesn’t have the unsightly bump that other OLED TVs do.

My first impression of the S95C was honestly just wow. The vibrancy both from a colours point of view and sheer brightness point of view really went above what I’ve seen in any other TV. Coupled with the infinite contrast provided by the OLED display, it really was just stunning.

Samsung 2023 S95C OLED

It also offers higher peak brightness than last year’s model (2,000 nits peak brightness) and that of other OLED displays from the likes of LG in addition to offering 144Hz support as well as AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

Samsung has been clever to wait on OLED in my opinion, as Australian homes are largely light filled, which isn’t ideal with OLED displays, which particularly shine in darker rooms, but with 2,000 nits of peak brightness and Samsung’s great anti-glare filters, I really do think that this is finally the OLED that will allow Aussies to overcome that obstacle, even in brighter rooms.


Samsung also confirmed that the S95C is the first to provide Pantone-Validated HDR, which I can only assume means that it’s been rated for an incredible accurate picture, but I’ll need more time with it to see how that fares long-term.

Samsung S95C OLED

For those that aren’t after the One Connect box and super slim design, but still want to jump into Samsung’s world of OLED, there’s also the S90C which will come in at a little bit cheaper, but still provide immense blacks with vibrancy.


Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED tagline is ‘more WOW than ever’ this year, and I feel this was demonstrated really well in terms of the sheer mass amount of TVs within the range, going from 43″ all the way to 85″ in its high-end QN90C range.

Samsung appears to have lowered the amount of different models in its QLED and Neo QLED ranges this year, which I actually think is a good thing with the introduction of two OLED models, to not provide too much choice between models and confuse the customer further.

Samsung QN900C

For those that want the best of the best, there’s the Neo QLED 8K QN900C, which still appears to be just as bright as the fantastic QN900B that I’m currently using, and still brings great features such as the super slim and bezel free Infinity One design as well as the One Connect box. It also has even more dimming zones to provide an even brighter picture whilst not losing contrast.

The model that I found most interesting though is the new Neo QLED QN90C. Samsung had it set it up in a room ranging from 43-inches, to 50-inches, all the way to 85-inches, just to show the sheer variety of sizes on offer.



Samsung QN900C

Whilst this year’s QLED range is all about wow factor in the form of size, Samsung recognises the need to have a display in your bedroom or office, with people opting to use a TV as their monitor (or visa versa) and sometime like the 43″ QN90C acts as a PC monitor (whether it be for work or gaming) as well as a really high-end TV just perfectly.


Samsung has done an even better job this year at recognising that not everybody cares about having the deepest blacks, or brightest/most vibrant colours, but some people just want their TV to look and fit into the rest of their house, and whilst TVs such as The Frame or Serif aren’t new, they’ve just gone to a new level in personalisation and options.

The Frame once again has a 32″ version (with that same wonderful matte display), and a bunch of new frames to further personalise the experience and match it to your home. There’s also the fantastic Samsung Freestyle projector (reviewed here) which is getting a new model with Xbox Cloud Gaming built in.

Samsung The Frame 2023

I was really impressed with the HW-S800B soundbar which is super slim and perfectly compliments something like the Frame, in order to still get a great sounding experience. Samsung also demonstrated a cover that goes over the top to match your choice of frame around the TV.

A connected home experience isn’t new by any stretch in 2023, but Samsung had some really great demoes across its home appliance range, utilising Samsung Smart Things in the TV to keep an eye on your robot vacuum (using the camera) or to notify you that you’ve left your Samsung fridge open. It’s at the point where going all-in on one brand extends far beyond personal devices like your computer and mobile phone, into your TV and home goods.

Samsung The Frame 2023

I’m always across TV releases, but it’s rare you get to see entire lineups of every model in one place, and really hry to think about how they differ in terms of look and feel. I genuinely feel that this year, Samsung has really nailed the range and ensured that there’s a TV for Australiany, and across the fantastic Frame range, new OLED introductions and improvements made on the Neo QLED side, there really isn’t a TV in the line-up that won’t blow you away.

The entire range is making its way into Australian stores now and you can find all the prices HERE.