Samsung Bespoke Kitchen

Samsung’s New Smart Kitchen Range Is Coming To Australia So Get Ready To Film Your Food

Kitchen of your dreams.

Earlier this year, Samsung announced its BESPOKE Kitchen range including an AI oven that has a camera inside to record and stream your food, and it’s now coming to Australia.

The range includes an AI Oven, cooktops, range-hoods and dishwashers all with their own unique smart features. They’re all Wi-Fi connected, and you’ll be able to pair them with the newly announced Samsung food in order to help cook new recipes in your brand new kitchen.

Samsung Bespoke Kitchen


The entire range is coming to Australia on October 29th, and you can find it on the Samsung website HERE.

Home ApplianceRRP (AUD)Colour
6 Series AI Oven Flex door$3699Black
Bespoke 6 Series Oven$2999Beige, Black
5 Series Pyrolytic Oven Flex Door$1999Silver
4 Series Pyrolytic Oven$1499, $1399Black, Silver
4 Series Catalytic Oven$1149Silver
Induction Cooktop 80cm$2299Black
Bespoke Induction Cooktop 60cm$1899Beige
Induction Cooktop 60cm Mag Dial$2099Black
Induction Cooktop 60cm 5 Series 3 zones$1299Black
Bespoke Rangehood 90cm$1499Black
Bespoke Rangehood 90cm$1499White
BESPOKE 15PS Dishwasher$1599Satin Beige, Clean Black
14 PS Dishwasher$899, $799Black, Silver


  • Wi-Fi Connected: Allowing Australians to remotely monitor and control their oven, cooktop and range hood from their smartphone – whether it be to pre-heat on the way home, through to auto-cook settings from the comfort of their couch.
  • AI Pro Cooking: With a built-in AI camera, end-to-end professional quality cooking will be made easy, fun and shareable. Without needing to open the oven door, cooking can be optimised through recipe selection, and post-cook highlight videos created to share with friends or across social media.
  • Dual Cook Flex: Some oven models will include two compartments that can be set to two different temperatures, as well as when multi-cooking a flexible door means one zone can be checked without interrupting the other  – providing both time and energy efficiencies (when only using the top half).
  • Samsung Food: Also available from today, Samsung will launch Samsung Food, a personalised, AI-powered food and recipe app, to support Australians plan their weekly meals. Samsung Food will offer more than 160,000 recipes, acting as a personal assistant that helps Australians discover new dishes, create tailored meal plans and order ingredients online. The service will also help users control their cooking appliances and access to guided cooking experiences[2].