Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

The Samsung Z Flip 5 Has Been Revealed And Has A Massive Cover Screen


Samsung has lifted the lid on its new devices, and without doubt, the big one is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 which has dramatically had a change-up.

Firstly, just like the Z Fold 5, it has a new Flex Hinge that allows for a no gap design when folded, but the big story here is absolutely that gorgeous new cover display which has gone from 1.9-inches to 3.4-inches taking up a good chunk of that outer portion.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Samsung is calling it the Flex Window and it allows you to not only type (with a QWERTY keyboard), make calls and check the weather forecast, but it also has a range of widgets ranging anywhere from a media player, to a weather app, to your calendar, to steps, to smart things.

It’s basically designed to let you quickly check or action things without having to open your phone and get sidetracked by other things happening.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

There’s also a new Flex Mode Panel which lets you use the bottom part of the device as a trackpad or a keyboard, with the top part of the display used for the visuals (like a laptop if you will). This is also only possible because of that new stronger flex hinge that allows you to customise your angles better with less resistance.

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The Z Flip 5 also lets you easily take great quality photos with the FlexCam which now lets you open the camera from the Flex Window and get your perfect angle whilst using your outers camera.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 will release on August 18th with pre-orders starting right now. The phone will come in Mint, Graphite, Cream and Lavender.

There’s a special pre-order offer going at in which you can get a free storage upgrade (double), and either free Samsung Care+ or a free Samsung accessories starter pack valued at up to $456. You can find that HERE (Samsung).