Samsung Fridge 32" Screen

Samsung’s New Bespoke Family Hub Plus Fridge Features A 32″ Display Which Is Perfect For TikTok

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Ahead of CES 2023 next week, Samsung has announced the Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus which features a 32″ touch-screen display, that is much larger than the 21″ display that featured on previous models of the device.

The new 32″ vertical display will be able to be used for watching Samsung TV Plus, as well as vertical video viewing such as TikTok and YouTube Shorts. The screen will also take advantage of Samsung’s brilliant Picture in Picture mode os that you can watch content whilst still leaving other things in full view on screen.

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Samsung Fridge 32" Screen

Samsung has also added support for Google Photos so that you can view photos on your huge fridge, or you can just display art from Samsung’s extensive art app.

The smart screen will have Amazon integration which will make ordering products as you run out a lot easier and you’ll also be able to control other smart devices in your home using the SmartThings app.

We don’t have a date or pricing for Australia yet, and no doubt it’ll be pricey, but why not have a 32″ screen in your fridge?