Samsung S95D Price Australia

The Samsung S95D Matte OLED TV Is Out Now And Here’s The Aussie Prices


Fresh off LG announcing its full 2024 OLED range earlier today, Samsung has announced the price and release date for its much anticipated S95D and S90D OLED TVs which use QD-OLED technology which is available to purchase on Samsung’s website now. 

The Samsung S95D OLED will use a new OLED Glare Free technology that preserves colour accur acy whilst reducing reflection even in day-light. The screen is somehow also 20% brighter than the S95C which is super impressive given the brightness of that display.

Just like last year’s model, it will come with a One-Connect box as well as 144hz refresh rate capability.


Samsung S90D Australia Price


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Just like last year, the S90D has a thicker back, isn’t as bright and will not have the matte display. It also doesn’t take advantage of the One Connect box technology.

We absolutely loved the Samsung S95C OLED so we’re extremely keen to check out the S95D.


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In our review we said: “The Samsung S95C OLED is an absolutely phenomenal TV. it offers fantastic brightness, vivid colours and inky blacks paired with gaming features beyond what is available in other TVs. The super premium design is just the icing on the cake of what is an otherwise fantastic package.”