Samsung Washer Dryer

Samsung Has Announced Its 2023 Laundry Appliances And They’re Even Smarter


Samsung has today announced its 2023 Bespoke AI laundry range including the Bespoke AI Smart Washer, Bespoke AI Smart Dryer and Bespoke Mirror Airdresser.

Samsung has introduced a less microfiber cycle which reduces microplastic emissions by using cool water and low intensity wash conditions. You can also use SmartThings Energy to monitor energy use. Samsung has also introduced an 18KG washing machine which is sure to suit the needs of larger families.

AI plays a big part in both the washer and dryer with the washer using AI to optimise each wash based on weight and how soiled the clothes are. Similarly on the dryer side, it uses AI to continually check temperature and humidity to not overheat clothes.

Samsung Airdresser

When it comes to the AirDresser, Samsung has introduced a new mirror finish, which as you can see in the image below, helps the unit blend in without it being too harsh on its environment.

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