Samsung Multivew

Samsung’s New Multi View TV Feature Is A Game Changer

Samsung’s 2020 TV range is great for gamers. It’s no surprise really, due to the fact that new consoles are releasing this year (and TV manufacturers know that a lot of gamers will be upgrading their TV in preparation). Not only does the entire 2020 line better motion control and lower input lag, there’s also impressive processing power in the TV that can analyse each gaming scene and provide surround sound as well as a better dynamic black equaliser to improve gaming scenes.

It’s another feature that I got to see at CES that impressed me though. It’s called Multi View and whilst this technology (picture in picture) has been around for ages, it seems like Samsung has really nailed it and taken it to the next level.

Multi View allows you to essentially have two images on screen at any time (either side by side or picture in picture), but it’s a range of new partnerships that allows this to be capitalised on. If someone else in your house is watching something and you want to play a game or watch something else, you can do so and both have audio stream separately to two sets of headsets.

Say you’re watching a footy game or an awards show and you want to have your Twitter feed on the side of what you’re watching, you can do so by simply bumping your Samsung phone to the side of the screen or by AirPlaying your iPhone, and it’ll then appear next to your feed.

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Samsung demoed an even better use case for this though. Say you’re playing a game and you want to use a YouTube walk through to find a collectible or beat a boss. You can literally just AirPlay it from your phone and have it play alongside your game or on top of it (you get to choose what corner). This is much easier than pausing and watching your phone or going between your TV and your laptop. This was demoed using Gears 5 at CES. I could also see a lot of people watching their favourite Twitch streamer or the like as they game (or just watching a game of a footy as you play a game of FIFA).

You can also connect a Logitech camera, and have this display side by side, which may have its benefits for gaming as well. It was demoed for those who like doing Yoga (so you can watch yourself whilst you watch a Yoga instructor on screen), but I can definitely see this having uses for gaming down the line as well.

It’s a pretty exciting time for TV tech. Not only is the race between QLED and OLED hotter than ever, there’s some serious features being added that definitely benefit gamers. Samsung’s 2020 TV line will be releasing later this year. You can find out more about the entire range HERE.