Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand Review – A Dream Combo

Stylish and functional!

The MagSafe protocol has been one of my favourite tech introductions over the last few years, making way to the likes of portable charges, cases, wallets and for brands like Satechi, it’s allowed them to think outside of the box to come up with crafty new accessories to make.

Enter the Magnetic Wallet Stand, which essentially does exactly as described. It’s a MagSafe wallet that is made out of a really high-quality vegan leather that also doubles as a stand in a few different ways.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

When you first see the Wallet Stand, it doesn’t seem to be that different to standard MagSafe wallets, like Apple’s own but it differs in the way that it opens up to become a stand that works in both portrait and landscape modes.

It attaches to the back of a MagSafe compatible iPhone just like any other wallet would, but it has a strong metal clasp that opens up to create a really study stand that works in portrait mode with your iPhone attached in the traditional way, or also with your iPhone in landscape mode with the magnets long enough to hold it.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

As a wallet, it’s actually a really nice one, with two cards fitting in the outer slot, an ID peep hole in the inside of the wallet, and then another two cards that fit into the inside of the wallet as well, so it holds four cards total.

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I’m somebody who loves to have a stand with me at all times, whether I’m flying somewhere, and want to quickly prop my phone up, or watching my iPhone in bed, or even just having a quick meal at the table and like to have my phone quickly open up on a stand for TikTok scrolling and the Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand does this better than any others I’ve come across.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

Obviously, the sturdiness does come at a bit of a cost. It is thicker and also longer than other MagSafe wallets due to the hinge, so if you’re someone that wants the slimmest possible wallet on the back of your phone, this isn’t for you, but I actually really liked it as it fit an extra card or two and was a bit nicer to hold standalone.

My other small issue is that if you’re using it with the standard iPhone 15 Pro, it does sit really flush against both the camera bump and hangs off just ever so slightly off the bottom of the phone, which again, I don’t know if it could be avoided given how study that metal clasp is to open it up.

Satechi Magnetic Wallet Stand

At $70 AUD, it’s a pretty solid investment if you’re looking for a MagSafe wallet that also doubles as a stand, and I’d highly recommend it. You can grab it on the Apple Store HERE.