Seagate FireCuda 540 SSD

Seagate’s New Gen5 FireCuda 540 SSD Has Insanely Fast Speeds

Super fast

Seagate has today lifted the lid off of its new Gen5 FireCuda 540 SSD which has blistering speeds, even faster than the Samsung 990 Pro that had its Australian launch a few weeks ago.

The FireCuda 540 delivers read speeds of up to 10,000 MB/s and write speeds of up to 10,000 MB/s which is 50% faster than Gen4 NVMe drivers and 17 times faster than SATA based SSDs.

Seagate FireCuda 540 SSD

The FireCuda 540 SSD is compatible with all Gen5 motherboards and also backwards compatible with all Gen4 motherboards. It is also compatible with the PS5 with a compatible heatsink as well (which is recommended for PC use as well for optimal performance).

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The FireCuda 540 SSD is out in Australia now for the below prices:

Just as Gen4 SSDs drop, a new generation has arrived, blazing past speeds that we’d experienced last gen.