Xbox Series XS Expansion Card

Seagate’s Xbox Series X|S SSD Expansion Cards Just Got A Price Drop In Australia


A month after it was announced by Xbox for the US, Seagate has now confirmed that the Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card is also getting a price drop in Australia. This comes just a day after WD_Black revealed its new Xbox Series X|S Expansion Cards.

The new pricing for the Seagate Expansion Cards are $299 AUD for 1TB and $549 AUD for 2TB. This is a price drop of $130 and $200 respectively, so definitely a decent bump down.


  • 1TB – $299 AUD ($130 off)
  • 2TB – $549 AUD ($200 off)

Weirdly, enough at the time of writing it’s already cheaper than both of these prices at all retailers in Australia with Amazon having the 1TB for $254 currently and EB Games having the 2TB for $528, so I wouldn’t expect it to come crashing down much further than this at this point.

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Whilst the Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card is a much more elegant solution, even with this significant price drop, a 2TB PS5 SSD can be had for less than the 1TB Xbox Series X|S Expansion card from both brands, but hopefully this price drop and WD_Black releasing its own version will drive prices down quicker rather than later.