Sony Bravia A95K Zoom

Sony Bravia TVs Just Got A Zoom App To Take Advantage Of The Bravia Cam


Sony has today revealed that its Bravia TVs are the first to support the Zoom for TV app on the Google Play store.

This is for TVs that have the Bravia Cam just like the A95K that I reviewed earlier this year and absolutely loved. Similarly, the upcoming A95L will also include a Bravia cam.

Using the Zoom app, you’ll be able to not only make calls and share your screen, but use features of the Bravia cam such as recognising when you’re in the room, how far you are from the TV and adjusting picture and sound using the cam’s unique features.

Sony Bravia Zoom

The Zoom app is available now for those TVs that have a Bravia cam connected. Other TVs are also compatible but you’ll need to buy the Bravia Cam separately. These include: X95L, X93L, A80L, X90L, X85L, X80L, X75WL, Z9K, A95K, X95K, A90K, A80K, A75K, X90K, X90S, X85K, X80K

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If you’re wanting a TV that includes the Bravia cam, you can find the Sony A95K OLED HERE.

Speaking about the partnership, Sony’s Head of Bravia TV Product Design, Shusuke Tomonaga said: “We are excited to partner with Zoom to bring video conferencing to our BRAVIA TVs, making Zoom services available on the Android TV platform. This partnership will make it possible for our customers to enjoy more realistic video communication on a large TV screen in the living room, enabling them to be more connected with the people they care about, whether they are working from home, learning remotely, or just catching up with friends and family.”