Sony HT-AX7 Australia

Sony Has Dropped A Portable 3-In-1 Spatial Audio Speaker System

This is hot.

This is one of the coolest products that I’ve seen in a while. Sony has just announced the HT-AX7 which is a three-piece portable surround sound audio system.

Basically, there are three speakers. A front speaker, and two rear speakers that can be attached to the main speaker or placed anywhere else in the room to give a full spatial audio effect.

All three speakers are completely wireless and will last 30 hours, with 2.5 hours of play time on a 10 minute charge.

You’re able to connect to the unit via Bluetooth, and each of the units also connect to each-other wirelessly over bluetooth.

The Sony HT-AX7 comes in at $499 USD (~$746 AUD) but an Australian release date or price hasn’t yet been confirmed.