Meta Quest Support Ending

Support For The Original Meta Quest Is Ending

Sad for original owners

Several years after release, Meta has announced that support for the original Meta Quest will end in terms of new features and enhancements.

In an email that was sent to original Meta Quest owners, the company has revealed that it will not be sending any more new features to the VR headset, but it will continue to add software and security patches until 2024.

Further to this, whilst original Meta Quest owners will still be able to access their games and apps, but starting on March 5th they will no longer be able to create or join and party and will also lose access to social features such as Horizon Home.

Obviously, with the Meta Quest 2 having been out for several years, it’s not hugely surprising, but no doubt people will be affected by this.

If you’re wanting to purchase a Meta Quest 2, Amazon currently have a deal where you can get a free Elite strap with any purchase of a unit.