8BitDo Micro

The 8BitDo Micro Is An Impossibly Small Controller


8BitDo has announced the 8BitDo Micro which is a controller that fits on a keychain weighing only 24.8 grams.

It’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Android/iOS devices, Mac/Windows PCs and other gaming consoles and tech that support Bluetooth controller connectivity.

8BitDo Micro

It has a full set of 16 buttons including four shoulder buttons and can be customised using the 8BitDo Ultimate Software on iOS and Android.

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Another cool feature is keyboard mode in which you can map shortcuts to the buttons, using the controller for productivity whilst typing or clicking away.

The 8BitDo Micro comes in green and blue and is available for pre-order now for $24.99 USD (~$39 AUD) right HERE.