The Amazon Eero Wi-Fi 6E And Max 7 Mesh Routers Have Landed In Australia

Need for speed

Amazon has announced that their latest two Wi-Fi Mesh units, the Wi-Fi 6E and Max 7 have landed in Australia.

As the name suggests, the Wi-Fi 6E utilises a tri-band 6E connectivity with gigabit speeds over wired and 1.3 gbps over wireless. 6E operates on a totally seperate band to Wi-FI 2.4ghz and 5ghz and is supposed to provide more faster, reliable speeds due to a lack of of congestion.

The bigger story here though is without doubt the Max 7 which delivers Wi-Fi 7 technology also runs on the 6hz band but delivers faster wireless speeds of 4.3 gbps and wired speeds of 9.4 gbps each with two 10 and two 2.4 gigabit ethernet ports. It’s also said to operate on a seperate channel that should hopefully ease congestion and faster speeds even if you don’t have the bandwidth to take advantage of the full speed allowance.

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These devices follow in the footsteps of the Eero Wi-Fi 6 which we reviewed and loved. We said: “The EERO Pro 6 is one of the best router choices on the market for its simplicity in setting up, great speeds across the home and super informative app.”