Alexa Voice Pro

The Amazon Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote Pro Is Amazon’s New Premium Remote

A Premium experience.

Amazon has announced the brand new Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote which is a premium remote that is compatible with most Fire TV devices.

The remote is $59 in Australia and has some key features that go above and beyond what we’re used to with standard Alexa remotes.

One of the main ones is Remote Finder which will allow you to find the remote using Alexa, by emitting a loud ring from the mote itself. The remote is also backlit so that you can see exactly what you’re doing in the dark.

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The remote has two customisable buttons so that you can quickly get to your favourite apps or commands as well as a dedicated headphone button that brings up a Bluetooth menu so that you can quickly connect your headset.

There’s also dedicated TV controls os that you can control your TV or soundbar without needing to grab another remote.