HomePod Gen 2 Review

The Apple HomePod Can Now Detect Smoke Alarms Going Off In Your House

This is great!

As of today, the Apple HomePod Gen 2/1 and Apple HomePod Mini can both detect if a smoke alarm or CO alarm goes off in your house whilst you’re away from your home.

This is thanks to a new ‘Sound Recognition’ feature that can detect the sound of an alarm going off and alert you using the Home app rather than actually detecting smoke in the air itself.

HomePod SOund Detection

Once you get the notification, you’re able to listen through the HomePod to see what’s happening in the house, or if you have a HomeKit compatible camera, it’ll show you the live footage of your house too.

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In order to take advantage of this feature, obviously you have to have either a HomePod Gen 2//1 & HomePod Mini and also have your HomeKit system updated to the new Home architecture (on iOS 16.4).