Asus Rog 540Hz

The Asus Rog Swift Pro Monitor Will Have A Whopping 540Hz Refresh Rate

For the most competitive of players.

Asus Rog has always been known for pushing the boundaries in terms of refresh rate, first with the 144hz display, then 240Hz display and then 360Hz, but it’s taken things even further for CES 2023 with the new ROG Swift Pro PG2480P which will have a whopping 540Hz refresh rate.

It’a a 24.1″, 1080P panel that has been overclocked to achieve speeds of 540Hz. G-SYNC is featured to ensure that there’s no stutters or screen tearing and NVIDIA Reflex Analyser is built-in to the monitor as well.

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The company is also drawing attention to the display’s stand, with the feed popping out and locking into place, which means you can go for a more compact footprint or a wider stance that will give you more support.

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No pricing or release dates have been revealed yet, and I don’t see this being a cheap monitor, but then again, I think that this is definitely one for the most competitive of players, and even then, I’m not too sure how much a 540Hz will improve things above 240Hz, but we’ll see once there’s some eyes on opinions.