The AYANEO Air 1S Is Now Up For Pre-Order And Here’s All The Prices

And a newer model!

AYANEO has announced the launch prices for its AYANEO Air 1S and also announced an even thinner and lighter limited edition model. The thinner and lighter model will have a thickness of just 18mm (from 21.6mm) and weigh only 405g (down from 450g). Obviously it’ll have a smaller battery too.


These are all the early bird prices available to pre-order on Indiegogo right HERE.

  • Standard: 16GB + 512GB – $799 USD (~$1,193 AUD)
  • Standard: 32GB + 1TB – $955 USD (~$1,427 AUD)
  • Standard: 32GB + 2TB – $999 USD (~$1,492 AUD)
  • Retro Power: 32GB + 2TB – $1,029 USD (~$1,537 AUD)
  • Retro Power: 32GB + 4TB – $1,099 USD – (~$1,642 AUD)
  • Ultra Thin + Light Limited Edition: 32GB + 2TB – $999 (~$1,492 AUD)

The AYANEO AIR 1S retains that same 5.5″ AMOLED 1080p display which is quite frankly one of the best displays that I’ve seen on any handheld to date. It also brings the power with an AMD 7840U CPU which is one of the most powerful mobile gaming processors and very capable of AAA gaming.

The AYANEO Air 1S also has a new sound system which features stereo audio, and is said to be beyond what we’ve seen in other AYANEO devices.

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As far as size goes, the device is a lot smaller than the ASUS ROG Ally, Steam Deck and even the Nintendo Switch with the formfactor being similar to that of the Nintendo Switch Lite.


  • As light as 4xxg, AMD 7840U Windows handheld was never thought to be so extreme.
  • Beautiful design that brings an artistic visual experience to Windows handheld for the first time.
  • Compact and charming, truly adheres to the “handheld” design concept and fits easily in your pocket.
  • Hall sensing joystick + hall trigger for precise control, dominating the game.
  • Exclusive 5.5″ OLED screen for Windows handheld, perhaps the industry’s best color performance.
  • Convenient fingerprint module
  • Full interface definition (USB 4*2, TF, 3.5mm headset).
  • Enhanced heat dissipation, comparable to 7″ Windows handheld
  • Customized sound solution, featuring the brand-new AYANEO Hyper Sound audio system with stereo dual speakers, a significant leap compared to its predecessor.
  • Comes pre-installed with AYASpace 2, an evolved Windows game management software.