Apple Vision Pro review

The First Apple Vision Pro Reviews Have Arrived And Suggest It’s Far Beyond Any Other Headset

The future has arrived.

Apple Vision Pro reviews dropped overnight ahead of the device launching in the US later this week, and for the most part, they are positive, especially when talking about the hardware which as expected is far beyond any other headset on the market.

The Verge said: “The Vision Pro is an astounding product. It’s the sort of first-generation device only Apple can really make, from the incredible display and passthrough engineering, to the use of the whole ecosystem to make it so seamlessly useful, to even getting everyone to pretty much ignore the whole external battery situation. ”

CNBC said: “I loved watching movies with the headset. I lounged on my couch and put up a huge screen across the wall of my living room and watched an hour of Barbie and the two first episodes of Masters of the Air before the battery was at about 5%. Another night I watched Greyhound. I used the NBA app, which was updated to work on the Vision Pro, to stream four games at once, with the main game in the middle and others pinned to the sides. It’s wild”

CNET said: “The photo and video quality in 3D isn’t as good as Apple’s stunning 180-degree immersive video format, not even close. But when expanded to a fuzzy-bordered viewing mode, it starts to feel like a replayed memory. I went back to the holidays, to the Museum of Natural History, to a hotpot dinner with a friend in San Francisco, to a snowball fight with my kid. I started to forget where I was and imagined I could just walk into the moment.”

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Tom’s Guide said: “The aluminum battery on the Vision Pro always needs to be with you to use the headset, which is not great. So you’ll need to put it in your pocket while standing or next to you while sitting. It’s 12.4 ounces, which is heavier than an iPhone 15 Pro Max (7.8 ounces). And while the cord is long enough most of the time, if you’re really immersed in a game or other experience and you move suddenly, you could accidentally tug the battery off a table or couch on to the floor.”

Several video reviews from the likes of Marques Brownlee and iJustine also went live and you can watch those below:

The Apple Vision Pro doesn’t have any kind of release date outside of the US, but we’ll let you know if it does get an official release date in Australia. For now, Kogan is selling imported versions, but we have some concerns there.