Lenovo Legion GO

The First Lenovo Legion Go Images Have Leaked And It’s Definitely A Windows Handheld/Nintendo Switch Hybrid

That's neat!

The Lenovo Legion Go first leaked earlier this month, and we already know that it will be a Windows 11 device that has a massive 8-inch screen, but the first proper images have leaked courtesy of Windows Report and it reveals an interesting piece of information.


The Lenovo Legion Go has a massive 8.8-inch 144hz display, removable joysticks, a touchpad and a super cool FPS mouse mode #LenovoLegionGO #LegionGo #WindowsHandheld #Tech #Techtol #Windows11 #Asusrogally #Steamdeck

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In case you haven’t already noticed from the photos, this is the first one of these Windows PC handhelds that go the whole way in copying the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con mechanic to the point that each controller side seems to pop off and also have side buttons.

Lenovo Legion GO

Interestingly though, they also have a touch pad (at least on one side) which is the best control mechanic of the Steam Deck, so it’s literally bringing in the best of every world.

Whilst not really exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, it also does have a kickstand, which should make for being able to prop this onto a table to play with a friend on the massive 8-inch display.

Lenovo Legion GO

Personally, I love the choice as it’s yet another differentiator between the three top dogs in AYANEO, ASUS and Valve and really keeps things interesting in the handheld PC space.

The Lenovo Legion GO will apparently use the new AMD Phoenix processors (just like both the ASUS ROG Ally and AYANEO 2S) and will be capable of playing AAA PC games.