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The First PlayStation VR2 Hands-On Impressions Have Arrived And They’re Very Positive

So far, so good.

We know that the PlayStation VR2 is set to drop in early 2023, but the first hands-on impressions have appeared after an event was held by PlayStation. As far as we can tell, media got to go hands-on with Horizon Call of the Mountain, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners 2, Resident Evil Village & Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge: Enhanced Edition.

We’ll be playing with the PlayStation VR2 in the morning at Tokyo Game Show, but for now, here are what other outlets are saying about their time with the unit.

CREDIT: Polygon

Eurogamer said: “Wow. Wow, wow, wow. That’s the word that keeps springing to mind when I try to sum up my time with PlayStation VR2. As a fervent fan of VR for many years now, it’s safe to say that my first hands-on experience with Sony’s upcoming headset wowed my VR-loving socks off. This sleek and stylish unit was all I could have wanted for an upgraded PSVR headset and much, much more.”

CREDIT: Eurogamer
CREDIT: Eurogamer

IGN said: “PlayStation VR2 thankfully feels like a modern entry into the VR landscape, with top-notch visual fidelity and comfortable ergonomics. Its haptics and adaptive triggers, if implemented well, will be a welcome addition to the immersive experience. As with all new pieces of hardware, the question now falls to whether there will be enough games to make the investment worth it. First-party games like Horizon Call of the Mountain certainly help assuage those fears, and while nothing has been announced yet, I would be shocked if the outstanding Half-Life: Alyx didn’t make its way to the platform.”

Polygon said: “One of the most beautiful games I’ve seen in VR, Call of the Mountain feels like a visual showcase for Sony’s new headset. Leaves, wind, fire, explosions, and giant robots fill the sky as you make your way through a new Horizon story.”

Gamespot said: “As previously mentioned, PSVR 2 feels like an iteration on the original, which should come as no surprise. However, what I learned from my first experience is that these small, smart tweaks and additions are more significant than they may seem. At a time when virtual reality feels like old news, PSVR 2 feels poised to be a shot in the arm for it in the gaming space. It remains to be seen whether PSVR 2 will garner widespread interest, but at the very least I’m more confident that it’ll take us one step closer to realizing its full potential. Yes, a lot of what made it impressive for me was centered around visual fidelity, but seeing is believing, and in VR the possibilities for what you can see are endless.”

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Horizon Call Of The Mountain

Game Informer said: “I let out an audible “wow” just minutes after starting Resident Evil Village on PlayStation VR2. A blood-curdling scream deep within Castle Dimitrescu doesn’t put me on edge as my attention is elsewhere. I’m looking at a framed painting on a foyer wall. This portrait of a regal-looking man is rather ordinary, but in PSVR2, it holds my attention because I can see the little details in crystal-clear clarity. I study the brush strokes, the color variations in his coat’s fabric, and I can tell it’s an oil painting.”

The Verge said: “Even after just a little bit of time with the device, it seems like the new headset will be a major upgrade from the original PSVR in nearly every way.”

Upload VR said: “PlayStation VR2 offers striking visuals, a noticeably wider field of view, and high fidelity haptics. The reprojection issue is disappointing, but this is still the most immersive consumer headset I’ve tried to date.”

The PlayStation Blog has posted a big impressions piece about all four of the games mentioned as well as more information on the hardware.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain

Kinda Funny Games also got to play with it and posted their impressions below.

We’ll have our impressions for you tomorrow after we go hands-on with PlayStation VR2 at TGS.