Framework 16

The Framework Laptop 16 Will Have An Upgradeable GPU Module

The future!

In case you haven’t heard of it, Framework create these amazing laptops that are almost entirely upgradable. With a number of different modules that allow you to easily swap out ports and such, they provide a huge amount of flexibility, but that is all set to go to another level with the newly announced Framework Laptop 16.

It’s set to launch later this year and aside from having a larger screen, it will also come with a GPU module that can be upgraded. Basically, just like the ports go in and out, the GPU module will sit at the back of the laptop and allow hot-swapping. It’s unclear whether AMD or Nvidia will be used for these modules, so that will be an interesting one to watch.

Framework 16
GPU Module In Full View

If that wasn’t enough, the laptop will have six card slots that are hot swappable, but the entire keyboard and touchpad area is also hot swappable, which allows you to go from having a keyboard to a mini keyboard, or maybe a touch pad, or a DJ setup. Whilst a lot of this seems to be a proof of concept at this point, it does seem like it will open up the door to a lot of possibilities.

GPU Module Away From The Laptop

This is apparently set to launch later this year, and is definitely going to be an interesting one to watch, as if it delivers on the promise, and integrates as easy as the hot-swappable ports do on the current Framework 13, this could be a huge game-changer for laptops as we know it.