Google Pixel 7 Deal

The Google Pixel 7 Is Currently 50% Off At Telstra

Great deal!

Here’s one of the best mobile phone deals that you’ll see this year.

Telstra currently has the Google Pixel 7 for a ridiculous 50% off. This brings the 128GB version down to $499.50 and the 256GB version down to $564.50

Google Pixel Telstra

The only caveat is that you do need to have a Telstra ID to access it which means you do need to have access to a Telstra mobile/phone/internet service (or know somebody that does).

With the Google Pixel 8 still a few months from being revealed, this is an absolutely fantastic deal for a great phone.

In our Google Pixel 7 review, we said: “The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro bring a lot of smaller improvements to the table that combine to provide an even better experience than last year’s models”.