Nintendo Swtich Lite

The Gorgeous Zelda Hyrule Edition Nintendo Switch Light Is Up For Pre-Order In Australia

So nice!

Nintendo held its major Nintendo Direct earlier today, and probably the biggest surprise was the announcement of a new Legend of Zelda game, and with it a new Nintendo Switch Lite Hyrule Edition model.

This iconic design features gold colouring, which has always been prominent in the Zelda franchise, as well as the Hylian Crest. It’s available for $339.95 and will ship on September 26th. You can find the listing HERE.

Nintendo Swtich Lite

Whilst I don’t predict too many people will be playing the new Zelda on this Switch Lite, it’s an absolutely must-have collector’s item for Zelda and Nintendo fans.

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Just as a reminder, pre-ordering on Amazon means that you don’t pay anything until it ships, and if someone else has it cheaper between now and launch, Amazon will match that price as well.