HoverAIr X1

The HoverAir X1 Self Flying Drone Has Arrived At JB Hi-Fi


The HoverAir X1 took the internet by storm, but previously, it could only be purchased from their website, but it has now arrived in JB Hi-FI stores across Australia.

The pocket sized drone is self-flying based on five preset modes in Hover, Orbit, Zoom Out, Follow and Birds Eye. It uses triple stabilisation to take off from your palm and land back in the same spot on your palm without any knowledge to fly it.

The actual drone itself comes in a Combo pack with a battery charger for $649 in black and white. You can explore the full range HERE and it includes:


  • Light and smart: At just 125g, lighter than most smartphones, it’s ultra-light and folds to pocket-sized for on-the-go convenience. Triple Stabilization & VIO Positioning
  • 3 Second Palm TakeOff &Landing: Experience the cool factor with one-touch palm takeoff and landing
  • Intelligent Flight Paths: With 5 preset modes(Hover, Follow, Orbit, Zoom Out, Bird’s Eye) and 2 new features(Smart Control, Side Follow), capturing stunning footage is a breeze.
  • Fully Enclosed Design: Durable and flexible propeller guards make the HOVERAir X1 safe to fly around crowds and even kids.

The Hover X1 is a self flying drone that is super easy to use with an auto follow mode and palm detection for a super smooth landing #HoverX1 #Hover #Drone #SelfFlyingDrone #Tech #X1Drone

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