PlayStation Portal Update

The Latest PlayStation Portal Update Apparently Improves Video Quality

Great news!

PlayStation Portal update 2.0.6 dropped yesterday and whilst Sony doesn’t provide notes outside of the standard “we’ve improved system software performance and stability” several users were quick to go online and say that they experienced much improved video quality and bit rate.

Almost unanimously, people said that they immediately noticed an improvement in gameplay and how it looked on the Portal. Whilst some still said that minor stuttering was an issue (to be expected with any kind of network play), they all noted that video compression had been improved.

Several users took to a Reddit thread and here’s the highlights of comments:

“I notice a difference in the video quality. I played ff7, uncharted, madden and Guardians of the Galaxy. They all look amazing and picture quality didn’t suffer.”

Another user said “I agree played madden and had no stutter at all, played WWE 2k24 right now, and no lag what’s for the 30 minutes I played. Loved it.”

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Another one said: “I notice a big difference in Rebirth right away. That game’s busted upscaling looks terrible (in performance mode) on my OLED TV but the game is surprisingly sharp on my Portal now”

In our PlayStation Portal review, we said: “The PlayStation Portal provides the best remote play experience by far with its fantastic ergonomics and an almost carbon copy of DualSense functionality. Whilst it’s not the PlayStation portable that many were hoping for, it’s a fantastic way to experience PS5 games away from your PS5 over the internet.”

We’ll keep you posted if we hear more about this, especially after testing it out. Hopefully PlayStation continues to improve bitrate and latency based on testing and further tweaks of the hardware.