Lenovo Legion Glasses

The Lenovo Legion Glasses Put Your Games On A Massive Virtual Screen In Front Of You

In addition to Lenovo’s new portable gaming handheld, the Lenovo Legion Go, the company has also announced the Lenovo Legion Glasses which are a pair of augmented reality glasses that will allow you to put your games and other content on a big, virtual screen in front of you.

The glasses have a 60hz refresh rate as well Micro-OLED displays, and high fidelity speakers built-in as well.

Lenovo Legion Glasses

Obviously, they connect to the Lenovo Legion GO, but can also connect to Windows devices, Android phones and Mac OS computers that have USB-C functionality.

We’d expect that these would be quite similar to the TCL RayNeo NXTWEAR S XR glasses that we reviewed earlier this year, although if you’re buying a Lenovo Legion GO, no doubt these will probably pair better with the device.