Meta Quest 2 Heart Rate Monitor

The Meta Quest 2 Just Got New Health/Fitness Improvements And You Now Get A Free Elite Strap With A Headset

Great for fitness

It’s no secret at this point that a lot of people use the Meta Quest for fitness related purposes, but one of the big drawbacks was that there was no way to track your data to a heart rate monitor as well as monitor your heart rate whilst in your virtual workout session.

This is set to change with Meta announcing that it is adding new fitness related integrations. The first is Health Connection integration which means that Android users can now sync their workout data automatically with the likes of Google Fit.

To celebrate these new fitness related inclusions, Meta is including a free Elite Strap with any purchase of the Meta Quest 2, for better balance until January 15th.

The more exigent one is the ability to pair Bluetooth heart rate monitors to view your stats in real-time, which is really important to keep a close eye on your heart rate during workouts. Heart rate monitors that Meta has called out as working as the Garman HRM-Dual and the Polar H10, but it has said that other Bluetooth monitors should also work.