Meta Quest 3 Accessories

The Meta Quest 3 Is Finally Getting A Charging Dock And A Bunch Of Other Accessories

So many accessories!

The Meta Quest 3 was officially unveiled this morning. It’s releasing on October 10th for $799 AUD and will include Asgard’s Wrath 2 for free when ordering before January, but what caught my eye, was just how many accessories are releasing alongside the device.

Without doubt, my favourite one is the official charging dock. It is pricey at $219.99 AUD but it solves one of the big problems that I had with the Meta Quest 2 in keeping it charged. It comes with the rechargeable batteries, and keeps both controllers as well as the headset charged, with indicators lights letting you know when it’s ready to get playing again. It’s also compatible with the Elite Strap with Battery if you’re picking that up to get more battery life.

Meta Quest 3 Charger

Other accessories include familiar ones such as the carrying case, elite strap and elite strap with battery as well as the silicone facial insert, all which made the Meta Quest 2 and better experience. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, none of these accessories from the Quest 2 will be compatible with the Quest 3 and will need to be purchased again.

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Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap

Brand new accessories include the Active Straps which basically replace the wrist straps with knuckle straps that are said to provide a better experience, and replacements for the facial interface and head strap which can be purchased in bold blue and orange colours.

Meta Quest 3 Lenses

Razer is also dropping a version of its Hammerhead Pro wireless earbuds exclusively for the Meta Quest and the company is partnering with glasses company Zenni to provide official custom lenses, but both of these will be coming later this year.