Nanoleaf Skylight

The Nanoleaf Skylights Just Got A Price And Release Date


After previewing them at CES last year, Nanoleaf has now revealed that the Nanoleaf Skylights will be releasing in February and are available for pre-order now.

The smart lights are flush mounted in the ceiling with one needing to be connected to power and then you can expand it up to 100 lights off that one power point.

They can provide a cool light of 2700K all the way up to a warm light of 6500K and provide over 16m colours with dynamic scenes. They’re diffused and supposed to mimic the effect of the natural sky.

They’re available in a starter kit with a pack of 3 lights for $469, a pack of 4 for $479, a pack of 6 for $845, a pack of 9 for $1,178 or a pack of 12 for $1,470. You can pre-order HERE.

You can also buy an expansion pack containing one extra light for $139, but it ends up a lot cheaper if you buy a set amount in that initial starter pack.


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