Espresso Portable

The New Espresso Portable Display Has Multi-Touch And A Number Of Other New Features

Aussie company Espresso has announced that updated version of the world’s thinnest monitor, the EspressoDisplay as well as a host of brand new accessories that improve the experience.

The monitor that is designed and produced right here in Australia has been a hit over the last 12-18 months but the new model proves to take things even further. It’s available in a new 13″ and 15″ Touch variety and still comes in a very thin 5.3mm shell that boasts a 1080p/300 nits display.

The new features include a multi-touch display that you’re able to use with either your hands or a brand new stylus, auto rotate as well as palm rejection. As far as design goes the EspressoDisplay still blows all other portable monitors that I’ve seen out of the water with is adonised aluminium design as well as layered glass, and obviously that thin design.

The new EspressoDisplay lineup is as follows:

  • EspressoDisplay 13″ (existing model) – $529 AUD
  • EspressoDisplay 13″ Touch – $669 AUD
  • EspressoDisplay 15″ Touch – $749 AUD
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These can all be ordered now with the Touch models shipping early next year. You can shop the range HERE.

What also makes the EspressoDisplay so great it has a line of accessories that all work seamlessly with the display and enhance the experience. This line has been expanded upon with the announcement of the new model. This includes the likes of the EspressoStand which magnetically snaps onto your monitor to place it onto, the EspressoPen which allows you to draw or takes notes and the EspressoCase which will protect your monitor but also allow it to stand on a table or desk. The pricing for these new accessories can be found below:

  • EspressoStand – $99
  • EpressoCase – $69
  • EspressoMount – $79
  • EspressoPen – $119

We’ll keep you posted as we get to go hands-on with the EspressoDisplay early next year. Definitely once to watch as borders open back up and travel resumes.