Logitech G309

The New Logitech G309 Is A Much Cheaper Wireless Charging Mouse

So cool!

Logitech has today announced the G309 wireless gaming mouse which is by far it’s most versatile mouse at this price point.

Coming in at $149.95 AUD, the mouse is compatible with Logitech’s POWERPLAY mouse pad which allows you to use the G309 without any battery in it at all to keep it going at all times, but it’s also compatible with a single AA battery to get up to 300 hours of battery life over LIGHTSPEED or 600 hours in Bluetooth mode with just an additional 18g.

Logitech G309

The POWERPLAY wireless compatibility had previously been reserved for Logitech’s most high-end mice. The G309 features a HERO 25k sensor, and features 400 IPS and a sensitivity of up to 25,700 DPI.

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It’s available in both black and white and it’s available to order on the Logitech website now.