The Playdate Is Finally In Stock And Ready To Ship After All Pre-Orders Fulfilled


The Playdate launched two years ago and creator Panic has been rushing to get pre-orders fulfilled since that time with over 70,000 units shipped, but it’s now made them available on sale (and ready to ship) for the first time.

On the Playdate website you can order a unit, which includes 20 games for $199 USD (~$308 AUD) or a bundle with the Playdate and a cover for $219 USD (~$339 AUD).

Just as a reminder, the Playdate has a 2.7-inch black and white screen as well as face buttons and a d-pad, but it’s most unique feature is the crank on the side which can be used for a number of different game mechanics.

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There’s also additional games to purchase on the Playdate store, that you can grab after you burn through your initial 20 games.

In our Playdate review, we said: “The Playdate takes the wonder and excitement that we used to get with video games in the 90s and jams it into a tiny portable handheld that delivers at every turn. It’s price point and non backlit display are the only things holding it back from being something that every gamer should own.”