PlayStation VR2 STorage Case

The PlayStation VR2 Box Doubles As A Compact Storage Case


PlayStation revealed it in the official PlayStation VR2 unboxing, but now that we’ve opened our own unit as well, we thought it was worth re-confirming.

The PlayStation VR2 box, or more-so the inside box actually acts as a really compact PlayStation VR2 storage box for when you’re not using it.


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It’s been designed in a way that’s much more compact than the original PlayStation VR box, with the part that houses the headset and controllers being totally seperate to the rest of the items that are included in the box. This makes it perfect for storing when it’s not in use so that the lenses don’t get damaged.

The outside box can be thrown away if you choose to do so, but we’d really recommend holding onto that other box, for someone to store your unit, or if you need to move houses or take it elsewhere.

We’ll have more on the PlayStation VR2 later this week, so stay tuned. PlayStation VR2 launches on February and is available for $898 with free delivery from Amazon.