PlayStation VR2 Headphones

The PlayStation VR2 Headphones Perfectly Integrate Into The VR Headset

Great design.

My favourite part of the PlayStation VR2 unboxing experience, was pulling the headphones out of the box to discover that they perfectly integrated into the VR headset.

Normally, the inclusion of headphones with any product are a throwaway at best, but Sony has very clearly designed both the headset and headphones with each-other in mind.


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Firstly, the headphones very cleverly plug into the underside of the headphones, but then there’s another connector on the other side of the headphones that makes them look like apart of the VR headset, and also keeps them in place.

PlayStation VR2 Headphones

It goes one step further than that though, I had always wondered what the little holes on the side of the PlayStation VR2 headset were for, and Sony has cleverly made it so that you can place the earbuds into these holes, when you’re storing the headset, or it’s not in use. It’s just another clever little design feature that is really well thought out.

PlayStation VR2 Headphones

At least from a design point of view, I won’t be running to use any other over-ear headphones to further weigh down the headset any time soon.

We still can’t talk about much else of the PlayStation VR experience yet, but that’s set to change very soon.

PlayStation VR2 launches on February 22nd. You can grab it from Amazon for $878 with free shipping HERE.