PS5 Late STages Of Life Cyckle

The PS5 Is Entering “The Later Stage Of Its Life Cycle”

PS6 soon?

Sony held its third-quarter earnings meeting overnight and there were a few key takeaways, with the main one being that Sony expects PS5 console sales to slow, as it tracks a little below their estimations for this financial year.

Sony made the interesting statement that the PS5 was entering the “later stage of its life cycle” which isn’t super surprising, given that into the fourth year of what is usually a six to seven year lifespan for a console generation.

“Looking ahead, PS5 will enter the latter stage of its life cycle,” Matsuoka said via Bloomberg

. “As such, we will put more emphasis on the balance between profitability and sales. For this reason, we expect the annual sales pace of PS5 hardware will start falling from the next fiscal year.”

Interestingly, the PS5 is yet to get any kind of price drop with PlayStation introducing the PS5 Slim late last year. The PS5 Pro is rumoured to be releasing later this year, as we’re past the point in the lifecycle where we saw the PS4 Pro introduced, so going off that same schedule we are overdue for a proper mid-gen refresh.

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It’ll be interesting to see how far we push it before the PS6 is introduced, with my expectation being that we’ll start hearing about it in 2026 or 2027 at the absolute latest.


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