Razer Edge

The Razer Edge Is Razer’s New Gaming Handheld

Another one!

Razer has announced the Razer Edge which is its new gaming handheld. It has a 6.8″ tablet that has a 144Hz AMOLED display as well as a Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 processor and a Kishi V2 Pro being used as the controller. The device is designed to run Android games at high speeds as well as Xbox and PC games from the cloud thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming. It also has a front facing camera so that you can stream whilst gaming.

The Razer Edge will release in Wi-Fi and LTE variants when it releases in early 2023. The Wi-Fi version is set to cost $399.99 USD (~$643 AUD) with the LTE version not having a price at this moment in time.

Interestingly enough, it’s only $50 USD more than the recently announced Logitech G Cloud handheld, but this seems to be much more powerful running high-end Android games and has a 1440p display.