Samsung SmartThings Station

The SmartThings Station Is Samsung’s New Smart Home Hub And Fast Charging Pad

Great idea!

Samsung has today announced the SmartThings Station, which taps into the new Matter standard of smart home devices to bring smart home ease of use to your home.

For those that don’t know, Matter is a new standard that is being used by Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon in order to ensure that devices can work with all smart home standards from the big three companies, in order to not only be easy to setup, but those that are certified are guaranteed to work with all three of those companies.

Samsung is tapping into this with the SmartThings Station, which will allow Matter compatible devices to easily be setup using the Station as well easily set routines with the SmartThings app.

Samsung SmartThings Station

The SmartStation also has a Smart Button that allow you to set a routine off. An example gave was a bed time routine which could turn the lights off, close the blinds and lower the temperatures (depending on which devices you have). Up to three routines can be set using the Smart Button.

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If that wasn’t enough, the SmartThings Station is also a 15w wireless charging pad, so as you press your Smart Button to set a goodnight routine, you can then place your phone or any other Qi compatible charging device to sleep on the station.

As somebody who has a load of smart home devices, including crucial elements such as our air conditioning, driveway gate and blinds, it’s so, so, so good to see the Matter standard being utilised where items are guaranteed to work with Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit, and then it’s so good to see companies such as Samsung not only adopting it, but rolling out a product like this to make the whole process so much easier for those getting into the smart home game.

The Samsung SmartThings Station will launch in the US in early February 2023, with an Australian release date not yet set.