Xreal Beam Pro

The XREAL Beam Pro Is A New Device That Takes Your XREAL Glasses To The Next Level

So cool!

XREAL has announced the latest product in its line-up, the Beam Pro. The successor to the Beam which allowed you to stream the likes of Netflix and mirror your smart phone, the Beam Pro is so much more.

At roughly the dimension of a smart phone, the Beam Pro has a screen this time around and runs a custom version of Android 14 (Nebula OS) and not only should allow the device to load more apps, but it also has a dual-lens camera for taking and displaying 3D photos. This should also allow for the likes of gaming on the go in addition to streaming apps through Xbox Cloud Gaming and Streamlink.

Xreal Beam Pro

This is a big improvement on the Beam with the display being a 6.5-inch 2400×1800 screen. It has 6gb or 8gb of ram and 128gb of 256gb of storage with the cheaper model being $199 USD (~$300 AUD). It feels like the device that completes the entire XREAL experience, and will really allow it to compete with the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro at a much cheaper (and more much comfortable) price point.

When your glasses are plugged into the device, your apps will show up in front of you, which really takes your XREAL glasses from being a mutlimedia device to almost a fully fledged computer. The device can also be used as a touchpad for navigating your apps as well.

Xreal Beam Pro

When it comes to the cameras, you’re looking at dual 50 megapixel cameras, which should provide nice looking videos. There’s also dual USB-C ports so that you can keep everything charged whilst you use the device.

We recently reviewed the Xreal Air 2 Pro AR glasses and said: “The XREAL Air 2 Pro provides one of the best AR viewing experiences on the market with its super comfortable design and crisp displays. The additional Beam and Gaming Hub accessories provide options for all types of devices.”