Yellow iPhone 14 Review

The Yellow iPhone 14 Is Bright, Bold And Beautiful

A great new addition!

Apple released the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus last year. The phone didn’t innovate quite how the iPhone 14 Pro did, but they provided a really solid improvement on the iPhone 13 and particularly on the battery life front, was a really solid release for those that didn’t need the Pro features such as the Dynamic Island and Always-On display.

Last month, Apple released a new colour for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, a yellow version. This is actually quite a rare occurrence as Apple has only released three yellow iPhones in history, and before the iPhone 11, it had only been used on Apple’s most budget phones in the 5c and XR.

iPhone 14 Yellow

I have to say, the yellow iPhone 14 is absolutely stunning. It blends more of a canary yellow on the back and gold touches on the side that are more in-line with the yellow iPad (10th gen). It’s fun whilst still retaining the premium finishes that we’ve come to know and love about iPhone since its inception.


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It certainly won’t be for everyone, but for those that want a bold new colour, it really nails that brief perfectly, and I can say with confidence that if you’re purchasing a yellow iPhone 14, you won’t regret it either from a colour point of view, or from the perspective of the phone itself.

iPhone 14 Yellow

You can find our original iPhone 14/14 Plus review here. In the review, I said that “The iPhone 14 is an incredibly well-rounded device that isn’t pushing the boundaries of what we know is possible. It is still a phenomenal all-rounder that builds on the last few iPhone iterations to provide an iPhone experience that is premium both in design and function.”

The iPhone 14 is available for $1,297 from Amazon with free shipping HERE.