Meta Quest 3

Three New Meta VR Headsets Are On The Way Including The Meta Quest 3 This Year

Twice as powerful and twice as thin.

The Verge has obtained Meta’s AR/VR roadmap for the next four years and it contains some expected devices and a few surprises.

It won’t be a huge surprise to anyone, but the roadmap confirmed that the Meta Quest 3 is coming later this year and will be two times thinner, twice as powerful and cost more than the Quest 2. It will feature mixed reality experiences with front-facing cameras that feed into the real world. It was also announced during the employee presentation that nearly 20 million Quest headsets had been sold to date.

It was also said that there would be 41 new apps and games shipping with the Quest 3 including new mixed reality experiences, with Meta acknowledging that people taht purchased the Quest 2 earlier in its life cycle were more engaged that those that purchased more recently.

In 2024, it’s reported that Meta will ship a more “accessible” headset which is codenamed Veronica. The goal for this headset is for it to pack the biggest punch possible in a very attractive price point in the VR consumer market.

The next headset was condemned La Jolla, which The Verge says sounds like a successor to the recently released Meta Quest Pro, with clarity for work and text being the focus.

There’s a number of other wearables and glasses that are detailed and set to release over the coming years, but it’s very clear that Meta isn’t moving away from this space anytime soon.