Tidbyt Is A Smart Retro Display That Shows You A Bunch Of Info On Your Desk

This is cool!

It’s takes a lot for a piece of tech to be something that I’ve never seen before these days and that’s exactly what Tidbyt is.

It’s a smart display that sits on your desk and looks like a retro clock but is so much more. It’s able to display things such as the weather, the latest scores, your Twitter feed, the time as well as your daily calendar, as well as 100s of other apps (that you can find here), in a really cool and simple way.

One of the key differences is that this isn’t s smart device in the sense that there is no AI, speakers or microphones. It’s just the information you want to see and then it’s display in a really nice way.

A Tidbyt will set you back $179 USD which is roughly $268.