Timeporter REview

Twelve South TimePorter Apple Watch Band Mount Review – Time To Get Sorted

A great way to sort your bands!

I was a day one Apple Watch buyer and in the decade or so since that first release I’ve collected more Apple Watch bands than I care to admit. These normally end up at the back of a drawer, or in piles on my nightstand, and I rarely change them out just purely because I lose track of my collection.

The clever company Twelve South has tried to provide a solution in the TimePorter Apple Watch band mount, and I’m happy to admit that it definitely does the job in showcasing your Apple Watch bands whilst also enticing you to actually swap them out easily.

Timeporter REview

The TimePorter uses a super clever system to hook in your Apple Watch bands without needing much force to get them in and out, but just enough to the point that they don’t fall out. Twelve South advises that they house six watch bands, but I was able to easily fit in seven.


Putting the TimePorter on the wall uses a little 3M strip that is already attached to the back of the unit, and there’s also a spare set included in the box in case you were wanting to move it after a set period of time. If you’re somebody with a lot of watch bands like me, you can also connect multiple TimePorters together by snapping the side off and using the included connector to link them up.

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Timeporter REview

Just like all of Twelve South’s Apple accessories, the TimePorter looks like it could have been designed by Apple with a super high-end white/silver look that really will fit in anywhere on your wall. it’s super elegant, yet futuristic, and I absolutely love the look of it.

The design allows your Apple Watch bands to stand out, and makes them the hero, which is and due to the easy to use system, you can work out how to organise your band collection so that it looks exactly how you want depending on the mood that you’re feeling.

Timeporter REview

At $50, the TimePorter isn’t cheap, but neither are Apple Watch bands and I can guarantee that with the use of a TimePorter, you’ll appreciate your band collection a lot more and exactly swap them out more frequently.

Timeporter REview

The TimePorter is must-have addition to anybody that has more than a handful of Apple Watch bands and I’m surprised that Apple hadn’t thought of the idea themselves, as it’s just a no-brainer.